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Ouessant put on agricultural recovery in the fight against wasteland

Ouessant - Laetitia Scuiller EnezGreen
Ouessant and Armorique Regional Park are launching a call for candidates within the development of innovative and eco-friendly agricultural projects. Farming will help to revitalize and highlight the island while generating employment opportunities and mixing tourism local products development.

Implementation of sustainable agricultural projects that generate employment and create social ties with the islanders

On Ouessant, as on many Ponant 's islands, agricultural land have been abandoned in favor of new lifestyles and the island is experiencing a growth of scrub encroachment which led to the closure of its landscapes and the loss of biodiversity. Establishment of agricultural activity can help to maintain sustainable open spaces.
Ouessant, accompanied by the Regional Natural Park of Brittany, supports the development of innovative and ecofriendly agricultural projects, that create social links with the islanders and professionals (restaurants, shops and tourism) and generate mployment. They are calling for applications for all interested persons to apply.
The candidate will propose an agricultural project adapted to the territory of Ouessant and scalable, meeting a certain level of autonomy, and accommodating technical, economic and environmental. It will also mobilize to find land and thus strengthen its installation.
The Park and the town of Ouessant mapped priority areas of the island to accommodate an agricultural activity. A first sector for the installation of an agricultural project holder is located MezNotariou. This is a property of the County Council of Finistère. Other land seating may be available. They may enable the producer installed to expand, diversify its production, or another project leader to settle. Some of these spaces are natural site of extensive agropastoralism type of activities will be expected.


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