Qui sommes-nous ?

Hervé Bré 

The Sea, he has never left it from his eyes since he was born in Britain, where he developed a singular experience of maritime world through its family environment. Hervé has launch various professional activities related to the start of nautical tourism in many islands around the world.

Deploring for many years a strong degradation of natural and cultural heritage of certain islands, due to the squandering of capital that they do not preserve, he creates EnezGreen in 2009 which highlights islanders' initiatives to ensure sustainable development. Passionate about nature and photography, Hervé travels and sails through large marine areas in search of new islands to observe their habitats and cultural traditions.

Laëtitia Scuiller  

As journalist specialized in marine environment and native of Iroise Sea, Laëtitia has led many professional missions in various seas and oceans. Thanks to her experience of diving, travels and encounters in several latitudes, she contributes to raise awareness for a better understanding of the oceans and environmental challenges.
Based in its home port in Brittany, she is involved with the creation and development of EnezGreen website, due to her photojournalist skills, environmental knowledge.