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They are part of EnezGreen's family scenery for generations. Not so long ago, the islands economy was mainly based on fishing, farming and seaweed harvesting for some of them. If maritime heritage remains deeply rooted in today  islands'lifestyle, tourism has grown along with environment's conservation, which is the islands' most valuable asset.
Committed to islands' values and traditions, we aspire today to sustain this impetus that faces the challenges of transmission, promotion and renewal of this living island heritage.


Sources of Inspiration
They are part of our collective imagination ever since. If their legends have rocked our childhood, today EnezGreen's team travels through the oceans, eager to discover the infinite variety of their landscapes and cultures. They emerge from the Indian Ocean, the Pacific, the Caribbean, the Iroise, the Highlands, the Mediterranean or the Baltic Seas and each time they carry us in a new universe. Passionate for nature and photography, our aim is ti share share our wonder for their rich biodiversity.


Lost Paradise ?
They are among the most affected territories due to society and climate's changes. However, it's precisely on these small isolated pieces of land, where the voices of changement are rising up and where a lot of concrete sustainable initiatives are being created.
EnezGreen was launched with the will to make discover the islands' universe with experts who inhabit and love them.


The islands'exchange platform
Though the website is fed since the beginning with team's encounters on the field, the exchanges within islands' lovers community are becoming increasingly important.In this contexte, EnezGreen stands out as an information platform and exchange about these exceptional maritime territories.


A selection of providers who live on the islands and love them

We suggest you a selection of more than 300 eco-friendly accommodations, boat rentals, water sports, cultural events, restaurants, guest tables and tips to organize your stay on the island of your dreams.


EnezGreen is not a tourism or transportation agency. Information included in the website is not necessarily updated periodically. You must carefully  check if the service providers are still operational and contact them before any move. Information can be collected from their websites and we also can help. 


97 % of photos found on are done by ourselves. They are shooted in each of destinations and at each of service providers. Similarly the animal pictures presented are really linked to the destinations and providers presented through the website.